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Students, faculty and community members converge at JMU X-Labs to develop uncommon ideas through uncommon partnerships. Bringing unique ideas from disparate disciplines, they collaborate to solve real problems in innovative ways.

genius_80px Educate

We host pilot classes that shift the way people think, challenge the status quo and solve complex problems.

In 2015, we hosted the first undergraduate drone course in Virginia where engineers taught students how to build drones via telepresence robots. The following semester four professors piloted the JMU Drones Project for students from seven different majors.

chat_80px  Collaborate

We help students, faculty, and community members establish unprecedented partnerships across traditional barriers.

In 2015, professors and students from three different departments—biology, engineering and nursing—combined their individual strengths to collaborate while leveraging the technology in our maker space to produce solutions to a prominent health issue.

lightbulb_80px Innovate

People generate new ideas and solve problems when divergent thinking comes together.

In 2014, industrial design undergraduate Timothy Moore piloted a research-driven design project to prevent toxic algae growth in Lake Erie. Using JMU X-Labs tools and technology, he developed the prototype of a device designed to help complex ecosystems flourish without any trace of the device after it naturally breaks down.

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