Students, faculty and community members converge at JMU X-Labs to develop uncommon ideas through uncommon partnerships. Bringing unique ideas from disparate disciplines, they collaborate to solve real problems in innovative ways.

genius_80px Educate

We host pilot classes that shift the way people think, challenge the status quo and solve complex problems.

In 2016, JMU student Jack O’Neill initiated a collaboration with Stanford University on a program called Hacking 4 Defense (H4D) where students from different departments solve complex U.S. Department of Defense problems together. Less than a year later, Jack’s team launched the first undergraduate H4D program in the country at JMU X-Labs where students gain unprecedented experience, knowledge and skills.

chat_80px  Collaborate

We help students, faculty, and community members establish unprecedented partnerships across traditional barriers.

In 2014, JMU student Amanda Presgraves launched the Fueled food truck, which sells healthy, local food on campus. Since then, her idea has become a platform for sustainability, health and education and The JMU Fueled Project now offers a collaborative cross-disciplinary class at JMU X-Labs. Students who have contributed to the project so far have majored in biology, communication studies, ISAT, kinesiology, marketing, and media arts & design.

lightbulb_80px Innovate

We encourage new ideas and creative solutions through divergent thinking.

In 2017, JMU student Richard Xu built a giant 3D printer from scratch using JMU X-Labs tools and technology. The 3D printer is designed to manufacture large-format, industrial, multifunction prototyping machines. Together with JMU graduates Chris Ashley and Bryce Edmunds, Richard formed a company called Hydra Systems Corporation which provides users with their own “micro factory” at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a machine for each function.

I wish education was more like this. It’s so much more rewarding.

Cassandra Hagstoz

Computer Information Systems, Class of 2018

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