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JMU X-Labs is an ecosystem specifically designed to teach innovation with intention and nurture a culture of creativity. Its transdisciplinary programming challenges students to take ownership of their education, pivot creatively, and confidently tackle problems that resist easy solutions. The “X” in JMU X-Labs represents the variable of discipline—any and every major is welcome.

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Through collaboration, learners build
confidence and seize opportunities to innovate.

Our vision is to lead a global movement
that makes passionate problem-solving a way of life.

What is JMU X-Labs?

This is the future of education.

Seán McCarthy Associate Professor of WRTC

I wish education was more like this. It’s so much more rewarding.

Cassandra Hagstoz Computer Information Systems

This sort of study better prepares students for the real world and gives prospective employers confidence.

U.S. Special Operations Command Army unit

Never have I felt so accomplished in a college course!

Madi Schultz Independent Scholars and Media Arts & Design

[The students] were well-prepared and extremely articulate about the problem set, their teamwork, and how they arrived at their solution.

Andrea Limbago Chief Social Scientist at Endgame

JMU X-Labs is an important part of our current, and future, economic ecosystem. Keep growing, creating and innovating, JMU X-Labs!

Harrisonburg Economic Development Harrisonburg, VA

Since I took the JMU X-Labs H4D class, companies (IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton) are amazed when I tell them I’ve done iterative/scrum-type work for a government client already.

Cassandra Hagstoz Computer Information Systems

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September 2017 – JMU X-Labs program
September 2018 – Autonomous Vehicles class

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Nick Swayne Ph.D
JMU X-Labs Founder
Current President of North Idaho College

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Interim Director of JMU X-Labs


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Director of Operations

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Seán McCarthy Ph.D
Associate Director of Engaged Learning Experiences


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Project and Initiatives Manager