Our mission is to empower students
and embolden them to excel.

Our vision is to lead a global movement
that makes passionate problem-solving a way of

The X Factor

The “X” in JMU X-Labs represents the variable of discipline—any and every major is welcome.

from 55+ majors

Faculty teams from
10+ departments

Partners from
29 organizations

JMU X-Labs is a model of education specifically designed to teach innovation with intention. Its transdisciplinary programming challenges students to take ownership of their education, pivot creatively, and confidently tackle problems that resist easy solutions.

At a time when higher education is trying to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs in industry, it is increasingly important to provide students with skills that go beyond traditional expectations. With its transdisciplinary courses, JMU X-Labs challenges students to investigate all aspects of a problem, collaborate with industry professionals and peers from different majors, iterate ideas and welcome meaningful failure to solve real problems. Courses are shared across departments and in collaboration with experts in various fields across the country.

Scholarly activity

9 Publications
15 Conferences
$110,000+ in External Funding

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2 Governor’s Technology Awards

2 Awards for innovative
use of technology in education

September 2017 – JMU X-Labs program
September 2018 – Autonomous Vehicles class

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3 Government reports
15 Broadcast features
60+ Print features

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Our team

Nick Swayne
Founding Director

Kelsey Tate
Assistant Director

Kim Fisher
Director of Communications

Emily Winter
Director of Programming

Aaron Kishbaugh
Lab Manager

James Barnes
Adjunct Faculty

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