Autonomous Vehicles

This course will offer undergraduate students the opportunity work in interdisciplinary teams to build a self-driving car. This is a pilot course designed to bring the concept out of simulation and into the real world with hands-on experience at the intersection of design, engineering, systems, software, controls, and project management. Students will be expected to design and implement a variety of systems and sensors and have multiple, fully functional, self-driving applications in place at the conclusion of the course.

Students completing the course will be able to do the following:

  • Identify and solve technical challenges involving sensors and decision matrices
  • Integrate sensors, computational hardware, and automotive systems
  • Visualize calculus and control structures
  • Implement and optimize machine learning and computer vision algorithms
  • Design and engineer the interface between electronic and automotive mechanical systems
  • Work together as a multidisciplinary team under tight time constraints, inadequate budgets, and unrealistic expectations to accomplish more than expected

Course Details

When: Spring Semester 2018 on Tuesdays, 5:30-8pm
Where: JMU X-Labs (Lakeview 1150)

Course Numbers

ISAT 480

Faculty & Staff

Samy El-Tawab

Samy El-Tawab

Integrated Science and Technology

Nathan Sprague

Nathan Sprague

Computer Science