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Applications due Friday, December 31st, 2021


BADASS = Black Achievers, Doers, and Aspiring Super Stars

BADASS Fellows is a six-week program for the Black+ community at James Madison University, as well as non-Black+ folk who wish to be better allies in the workforce.

  • Black+ students: we’ll explore mechanisms of racism, hold space for each other, and build tools of resilience in order to fortify your soul.
  • Allies: As a community, we will hold the experience of Black+ participants at the center.

Program Dates: January 3rd – February 14th, 2022

  • Week 1: Modern-day: School to prison pipeline.
  • Week 2: Jim Crow-era impact on Black economics.
  • Week 3: Race as a human construct. When was America great?
  • Week 4: Motown, Landownership, Healthcare, and more.
  • Week 5: Poverty by Design.*
  • Week 6: Race at Work + Economics.*

* Features industry professionals who will help students understand how they have overcome these factors in their professional and personal lives. Learn more at

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