Where we came from

JMU Esports began with two amazing student organizations and a handful of passionate students and alumni. Those students started the journey by creating a Varsity Esports program in 2018, but it gained little traction. In the summer of 2021, JMU X-Labs picked up the ball and ran with it. After purchasing new gaming technology, and while maintaining a flexible dual-use classroom and arena space, we formed 6 teams within 6 months and our first season kicked off on January 31, 2022.

Where we are going

By Fall we’re expanding to 10 teams to include FortniteTM, NBA2KTM, MaddenTM, and Super Smash Bros. TM! We can’t wait to welcome our new varsity players.

Planning for our first Esports course is now underway! This fall, JMU students from across campus will participate in an interdisciplinary course culminating in the execution of our first ever Gaming Convention in the Spring of 2023. There, we will welcome big names in the industry for keynote speakers, panel discussions, casual game play, tournaments, vendor space, and more. We envision a strong network of alumni, students, and industry partners who are passionate about the Esports experience and who work together to provide unique opportunities and meaningful, lifelong experiences for students. We can’t do this without YOU!

It’s amazing to think how far we have come just a short 8 months after starting. It’s even more exciting to think about how far we can go! So today, we ask for your support in making this inclusive community, this space, this team, the best of the best.

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