Project Examples

The “X” in JMU X-Labs represents the variable of discipline—any and every major is welcome. With our academic classes, teams of multiple majors will work on real-world projects from Industry Sponsors. Read about a sampling of these projects below and view our course pages for a full list of this semester’s projects:

Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

One team of students created an AR app that enhances how chemistry is taught in the classroom by helping students visualize molecules at the atomic level using interactive features.
Majors on this team: Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Industrial Design, Media Arts & Design


Students on the oyster team traveled to Florida to test an underwater drone they developed for testing water quality and monitoring oysters. They also built an aerial drone to survey intertidal oyster reefs to assist Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration efforts.

Majors on this team: Biology, Industrial Design, Physics, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Community Innovations

This class partnered with the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County to look for systemic solutions to particularly difficult challenges for the local population, including healthcare for the homeless. The team’s solution was to develop a portable health clinic using a shipping container to provide services to underserved communities.

Majors on this team: Accounting, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies, Justice Studies, Management, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Hacking for Diplomacy

Our NATO partner was so impressed with our students’ solution for deploying forces that he invited the team to present it to NATO officials in Split, Croatia in early 2019. You can read more about the story on our website:

Majors on this team: Accounting, Economics, Geographic Science, Intelligence Analysis, International Affairs, Political Science

Medical Innovations

Students use innovative technology to produce a tangible product aimed at alleviating aspects of the opioid crisis while also exploring technology’s potential to cause harm.

Majors on this team: Biology, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing

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