November 22, 2021

Can you believe it is that time of the year again? It is officially the holiday season and that means GIFTS! We are here to give you the ultimate rundown on gift ideas that can be personalized for anyone this holiday season.

You may think this is a little early, but no, we planned this perfectly! Black Friday is right around the corner, and we have collected some of the best deals up for grabs this year. Here’s the catch: purchase these gifts, make an Open Lab appointment, and bring them into JMU X-Labs to customize and design them!

Need some ideas? Grab a pen and paper and get ready for the ultimate JMU X-Labs gift guide!

Laser-Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards

Who doesn’t love a good cutting board? What if you could customize one and use it as decor around your house? This is a great gift for those in your life who enjoy cooking or even home decor. Bring your cutting board into the lab and we will help you create a design and teach you how to use the laser cutter to make your idea come to life!

The laser cutter is a versatile machine, it can engrave and cut designs. You can also decide the depth the laser cuts by adjusting the power and speed.

This is all helpful information to know when planning your designs. Here are a few helpful tips for engraving cutting boards.

  1. What side of the board do you want your design on? No one wants old food in the creases of the design..or a knife sliding somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go.
  2. Size matters—I know, I know, but the bigger the board/design the longer it will take to engrave.
  3. Raster vs. Vector: Here is a website that explains the difference in regards to a laser cutter

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Etched Wine Glasses

Drinking out of wine glasses is just way more fun than your typical plastic cup. But you know what would be even cooler? A handmade personalized wine glass! 

Come in with a design or without and we can help you bring it to life. Cut out a vinyl stencil and then use etching cream to create the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Even though this is a very simple and easy project, it is still one of our favorites!

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This student is in the process of using the etching cream to create their design. Here are some quick tips on etching glass:

  1. Choose bolder fonts and big graphics for stencil
  2. Leave a large boarder around stencil
  3. Apply a thick layer of etching cream to get an even frosted look
  4. Leave etching cream on for at least 15 minutes (The longer the better)

Personalized Mugs  

It’s getting cold outside and what do most people love to cuddle up in front of the fire with? Hot Cocoa! Bring in a mug and use our vinyl cutter to create decals to personalize it!

Create your own full color design using different vinyls! Want to try something new? Trying etching your mug to get a different effect.*

*Only certain materials can be etched: Glass and something ceramic

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