The JMU Fueled Project

Nature of Course Content

Fueled is a collaborative student-run food truck initiative designed to promote health, sustainability, and holistic living. Its vision includes outreach activities, bringing locally-sourced foods to JMU while stimulating businesses in the surrounding community. Cross-disciplinary student teams will work together on innovative projects directly applicable to Fueled. Creative development and implementation of team concepts will focus on: industrial and environmental design, nutrition/health promotion, mind-body awareness, graphic design, marketing, campus/K-12 education, and community engagement.


Goals of the Course

A team of interdisciplinary faculty and invited guests will guide student-focused course activities in the X-Labs, a space designed to encourage active learning, innovation, and design creativity. The JMU Fueled Project and its associated course offering aim to engage students with ideas that directly promote health and sustainability both locally and globally. Its influence on the JMU campus and surrounding community, as well as its tangible course outcomes will be assessed accordingly, providing the framework for a model to be shared nationally with other universities.

Dr. Mark Gabriele


Dr. Morgan Benton