Family & Friends Game Night Fridays

Student interns innovate to create a repertoire of virtual online activities to accommodate the Family Weekend shift during the pandemic.

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Since Family Weekend was postponed this year because of the pandemic, the JMU Office of Parent Relations offered alternative virtual programming called Fall Family Fridays, which provided the perfect opportunity for our interns to innovate new ideas for connecting with new students and introducing them to the JMU X-Labs culture of creativity.

The interns brainstormed ideas for collaborative or competitive activities that students, families and friends could participate in—all online. Inspired, they researched, developed and built their concepts into reality, did user testing to refine their products, designed posters and composed messages for online marketing, all of which resulted in a variety of challenging, mind-bending activities shared through live sessions called Family and Friends Game Night Fridays with JMU X-Labs. What better way to celebrate the Halloween spirit, keep your mind sharp, learn about the JMU X-Labs innovation ecosystem, and stay COVID-safe all at the same time!


Werewolf poster

Werewolf: Each player takes on the role of a villager, a werewolf, or a special character. Working as a team, figure out who the werewolves are and try to eliminate them. But be careful, you don’t want to kill innocent villagers!

Designed and directed by

Headshot of Olivia in Disneyland
Olivia Klimko
Senior in Management

Mystery poster

The Thing in the Cellar: As monstrous roommates sharing a haunted house, you are all preparing for your annual Halloween fright-fest when a crime is committed! It’s your job as a team to find out who the thief is among the group and save the haunted house!

Designed and directed by

Headshot of Carley
Carley Belknap
Junior in Computer Science

Headshot of Brooke
Brooke Harmison
Sophomore in Intelligence Analysis

Trivia poster

Trivia: If you’re into scary movie classics, the Harry Potter series, Disney movies, or “trivial” trivia, you just might be ready for our trivia challenges. Wear Halloween costumes to step into your favorite roles and test your movie knowledge!

Designed and directed by

Headshot of Caitlin
Caitlin Fernandez
Sophomore in Graphic Design

Headshot of Jacob wearing a mask
Jacob West
Freshman in Computer Science

Escape room poster

The Haunted Mansion Virtual Escape Room: Collaborate together as you go from room to room searching for clues and solving puzzles to unlock the mysteries of the haunted mansion and escape before time runs out!

Designed and directed by

Headshot of Emily
Emily Marsch
Junior in Geology

Posted November 2, 2020

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