2019 Goal – $12,000 Laser Cutter

Between 9 academic classes, 20+ Open Lab hours, and 3 Pop-Ups EACH WEEK the laser cutter gets used every day. With that kind of demand, we are in need of an upgrade to continue to meet the needs of our students, faculty and community.

Help us get a brand new laser cutter!

Laser Cutter Gallery

Award Levels

Plywood Level – $10+

We make a variety of things from name tags for events to ukuleles that strum marvelous tunes!

Acrylic Level – $20+

Acrylic brings fun color and textures to laser-cut projects like room decor.

Pie Level – $50+

One of our favorite annual traditions is laser engraving pies around the holidays, and it makes the lab smell great!

Brick Level – $100+

Recently we started brick-engraving workshops where JMU fanatics can engrave their own regulation quad brick with their name and graduation year.

    Never have I felt so accomplished in a college course!

    Madi Schultz Independent Scholars and Media Arts & Design

    This is the future of education.

    Seán McCarthy Assistant Professor of WRTC

    I wish education was more like this. It’s so much more rewarding.

    Cassandra Hagstoz Computer Information Systems


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