Guest Lecturing “in” Milwaukee

I think JMU X-Labs is doing an amazing job connecting faculty together (experimentation), listening to student voices (empathy), and finding solutions around institutional red tape (resourcefulness) and exemplary dissemination efforts.

lya Avdeev Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Stanford’s University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program doesn’t just create opportunities for students. Occasionally, it even offers benefits for faculty from across the country.

Ilya Avdeev serves as a faculty advisor for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee‘s UIF program, which empowers students to impact higher education. Through UIF, he’s known JMU X-Labs Founding Director Nick Swayne for over 7 years, so he’s well acquainted the the JMU X-Labs ecosystem. “The model is very inspirational,” Ilya said.

Ilya also serves as the director of innovation at the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, and part of his role there is to recruit speakers for their monthly speaker series. Familiar with the success of JMU X-Labs, he invited Nick to speak about the programs.

Only 15 people were expected to attend the February presentation on JMU X-Labs’ ecosystem, but 41 people participated, including the dean of the business school.

“Today,” Ilya started the Zoom call, “we have one of the most amazing people I know in terms of disrupting higher ed. and doing things differently.” Throughout the presentation people asked a lot of questions and it went overtime to accommodate the interest.

To watch the presentation, visit our Scholarly Activity page.

Published February 15, 2021
by Kim Fisher

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