Hacking for Community

The communities we live in endure many complex problems. Most people want to help solve them, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Effective and sustainable change requires collaboration, creativity, a willingness to take risks, and the courage to fail. If you’re interested in learning these skills, and if you have a passion for responding to real and challenging issues in your local community, then Hacking for Community is for you.

Collaborating closely with community partners on real problems in the healthcare and education sectors, you will learn to use design-based research methods and apply them to real challenges faced by our community partners. Working in multidisciplinary teams and collaborating with a team of faculty from across disciplines, you’ll work with community partners to understand the work they do and how to respond to the challenges they face, and you’ll talk with experts across the country as you design innovative solutions.

In short, this course is a passport to active, creative, and impactful global citizenship. It will help you build vital and transferable skills for your career, and the work you accomplish will become signature entries in your professional portfolio.

Fall 2018

WRTC 328
Hacking for Community
T 5:30-8:30pm
Lakeview Hall 1150

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  • Does your organization face local or global challenges in healthcare, education or security?
  • Are you aware of a technology that could transform your industry but you don’t have time to explore it?
  • Does your organization have long–range design problems that you don’t have the resources to solve yourself?
  • What if you could hire graduates who are ready to start working on your top needs from Day One?

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