Hacking* for the Environment

Solving problems critical to our environment through mission-driven entrepreneurship across the globe

Overview – Hacking for the Environment focuses on solving global problems facing our environment using the Lean LaunchPad methodology. The course’s intent is to apply Silicon Valley best practices to intractable environmental problems.

*Hack – to improvise effectively; to take things apart and repurpose them to solve problems or create new products

See the Henry Ford Museum’s usage of the term “hack.”

Fall 2021


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Why It Matters – Oceans cover more than 2/3 of our Earth’s surface. They are home to millions of species and play an enormous role in regulating our climate and water cycle.  Our oceans face tremendous disruptions that will impact our future generations of humanity.

Course – Students will learn how to apply Lean Startup principles to topical ocean problems. Interdisciplinary groups of three to four students will work closely with an outside sponsor (local, state, federal agencies; industry; NGO’s) to develop rapid prototypes and innovative solutions to ocean-related problems. Lectures by subject matter experts will cover entrepreneurial, scientific, technological, and engineering topics.


Read more about the class here: Hacking for Environment: Oceans

Fall 2022

Hacking for Environment: Virginia Clean Cities

ENVT 400. Environmental capstone
TTh 2:20-3:35
The Lab – Lakeview 1150

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