Does your organization face local or global challenges in healthcare, education, technology or security?
Are you aware of a technology that could transform your industry but you don’t have time to explore it?
Does your organization have long–range design problems that you don’t have the resources to solve yourself?
What if you could hire graduates who are ready to start working on your top needs from day one?

JMU X-Labs collaborates with distinguished government and industry organizations that give multidisciplinary student teams real-world experience. We invite industry professionals who are eager to plug into our expanding programs to submit real problems to be included in our curriculum.

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Project examples

Kristen Grimshaw was hired by the SCBI as a result of her work in the class.

In 2018, student teams worked with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) to identify the next generation of tools that researchers need to answer critical habitat questions. Using drones, sensors and internet of things (IoT) technology, JMU X-Labs students were able to develop solutions that allow researchers to ask new questions and explore new opportunities.


As an approved JMU X-Labs client partner or problem sponsor, here’s what we offer your organization:

  1. One or more semester-long class projects based on your interests
  2. An invitation to the students’ final presentation of their solutions
  3. Access to the student base/an introduction to our most qualified students for jobs or internships
  4. Your logo displayed on, social media and at the final presentation

Kirsten San Nicolas maps out information for the team’s decoding tool.

In 2017, a cybersecurity firm called Endgame challenged students
with “closing the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts and policymakers.” Over the course of the semester, the team developed an open-source, online tool that decodes an existing matrix of information on more than 200 types of cyber tactics and techniques, making it accessible to policy and intelligence professionals.

Industry Partners

JMU X-Labs Client Partners

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