Our Vision is for JMU students to
learn proven design and innovation methods
to creatively and speculatively respond to
planetary challenges such as climate change.

Summer 2023 Locations
Amsterdam, Rotterdam,Enschede, Hamburg,
The Netherlands, Germany

4 locations in Europe

All majors and disciplines welcome

Client partners from
6 organizations

Immerse yourself in some of Europe’s most famous cities. Collaborate with designers, scientists, students, and government officials to address sustainability and climate change challenges. Learn and apply systems thinking, creative design, and problem-solving skills sought after by public, private, and nonprofit sector employers. Be the change you know you can be.

On this 4-week, six-credit study abroad experience, you will learn deeply about the topic of “circular economy,” which refers to the redesign of economic, technological, policy, and cultural systems to create a sustainable future for all. With local experts in the cities we visit, you will learn and use marketable innovation methods to develop circular economy projects that mitigate climate impacts and reduce waste. No prior experience is needed: just your creativity and willingness to think and make outside the box.


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