Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the core of some of the most disruptive products and services on the market today and we are excited to be offer a course in this fast-growing space! You will find this technology embedded into everything from smart homes, self-driving cars, drones, robotics and wearables. To lead this course, we have secured successful entrepreneur Fred Briggs who develops IoT technology professionally. We are also excited to announce that a VP of Google will be working with the instructors to ensure that students are working on innovative projects that have the potential to impact millions of people worldwide.

This project-based class will discuss the underlying technologies that enable IoT and work to implement those in student-led solutions. Students will be challenged to develop prototype technology and will have the opportunity to explore these problems with our industry partners. This course will explore topics such as electrical engineering, PCB design, sensor integration, firmware development, sensors and controls in order to build the requisite skill set to interface available hardware and software. Through this process students will develop a strong understanding of how to leverage the underlying technology and the prototyping process.

This course also naturally feeds our spring PHYS 388 class where the technical skills are applied to address issues for clients. In the past we have prototyped quadcopters to search and destroy landmines, deliver medical supplies, and aid in search and rescue, as well as addressed concerns of animal welfare by developing robots that can monitor animal populations, manage human wildlife interactions and improve natural environments.

Fall 2019

Internet of Things
W 5:30-8pm
Lakeview Hall 1150 (the lab)

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