Esports Duke Dog

Player Bios

I have been gaming since I was in middle school when I discovered modded Minecraft. Since then, I have played all sorts of games with Rust, Cities: Skylines, and Overwatch being some of my favorites. I have always enjoyed gaming as a way to pass the time while hanging out with friends, whether it be some buddies hanging out and playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate or grinding to make it to the next rank in Overwatch. My favorite part of Esports has always been making it to the next milestone and I am ready to do that with the launch of the JMU Esports program!

Carter Gilbert Computer Science | Richmond, VA

I’ve been gaming since I was 10 when I got Minecraft on PC. Some of my favorite games are Yakuza, Overwatch, and the souls series. I really like gaming because it lets me play with friends no matter the time or place and shooters always give my brain stimulus. My favorite aspect of Esports is the feeling of working with people you can count on. My goal is to keep improving with my team and win some games.

Phillip Grimes Computer Information Systems | Loudon, VA

I have been competitively gaming since I was 11 years old (2011), and casually playing since long before then. I started competing in Team Fortress 2, and then moved onto competing in Overwatch. My favorite aspect of Esports is the feeling of accomplishment I get from giving it my all to prove my skill. So far, I’ve peaked at top 100 in Overwatch North America and have been on various semi-professional teams before and during my time with JMU.

Shaffee Iskandar Computer Information Systems | Fairfax, VA

I have been playing video games since I was pretty young, starting with the original Lego Star Wars on the PS2. I have played all sorts of games throughout the years mainly Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and League of Legends. In high school I got into more competitive gaming, some friends and I would play in some small community run tourneys for League of Legends. I really enjoyed the competitive environments but I was always more interested in Tac-FPS games more, and when Valorant was announced I was hype to start playing. Currently my peak rank in Valorant is Diamond 3 but I am determined to climb higher and compete in bigger tourneys! I personally hope to help bring attention to the program as I always felt the biggest obstacle for me was finding people to play with, and it has always been more fun to play with a team of people.

Tate Lemm Computer Science | Vienna, VA

I have always played random games growing up, but did not start gaming competitively until fairly recently. I started playing CS:GO during my sophomore year of high school and fell in love with competing from there. By the end of my senior year of high, my team had won an HSEL National championship with over $13,000 in prize winnings against a lot of great talent including many professional players. When Valorant came out about a year ago, being similar in gameplay to CSGO, I knew I had to try it and ended up loving it to the point where I completely switched over to it as my main game to grind. Currently as I write this, my main account sits at around 1,700 on the North American leaderboards. I have been able to find some of my best friends and amazing individuals through gaming and would love for it to become my full time job, if not as a competitor, than in terms of marketing in some way. I also hope to help JMU become one of the premier competitive gaming institutes in the United States, starting with the success of the Valorant team hear at JMU.

Noah Rafky Marketing | Arlington, VA

I have been gaming since middle school. I’ve played more games than I can remember with Minecraft, osu!, Overwatch, and R6 Siege being some of my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed gaming as a way to pass the time and hang out with friends or get to know new ones. I’ve made it to diamond in Overwatch, the top 1% of osu! Players, and champion rank in Siege.

Eric Rhoades Chemistry | Virginia Beach, VA

I’ve been playing videogames since I was 10 or 11, mostly focusing on competitive shooters like Apex Legends™ and Overwatch™ in the last few years. Gaming has always been both a great competitive outlet and a stress reliever for me. During high school I competed semi professionally in the Overwatch scene, achieving multiple top 16 finishes in the NA Open Division as well as several top 100 placements on the ranked ladder. I hope that in my future at JMU I am able to help lead the JMU Overwatch team to a similar skill level and compete on a national stage against other top teams.

Lawson Smith Computer Information Systems | Williamsburg, VA