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Medical Innovations

In this course, engineering, health, kinesiology, and nursing students work in multidisciplinary teams to develop and communicate solutions to a community health challenge. During the fall 2018 class students will use innovative technology to produce a tangible product aimed at alleviating aspects of the opioid crisis while also exploring technology’s potential to cause harm. In addition to technology instruction, students learn problem solving, collaboration, and leadership skills while accomplishing the following:

  • Apply problem-solving skills to an actual community health challenge for vulnerable populations.
  • Use collaboration skills to work together with a group of diverse pre-professionals.
  • Engage in self analysis to identify systemic factors relevant to supporting quality team work.
  • Evaluate personal strengths and their applications to leadership and participation in professional teams.
  • Discuss the ethical, legal, and practical implications of applying novel technologies, particularly for use with vulnerable populations.
  • Produce and communicate a tangible product using technology that has the potential to improve people’s lives.
  • Evaluate feasibility, potential impact, and limitations of potential solutions.

Fall 2020

Medical Innovations
Thursday evenings
Lakeview Hall 1150 (the lab)

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