Do you have a good idea for a JMU X-Labs course?
Follow the steps below to make your idea a reality.


Schedule a meeting with your Academic Unit Head to discuss the timing and content of the proposed course. You will need to discuss whether this course will be…

  1. Part of your regular teaching load
  2. Supported via a course release, or
  3. If you will need to take this as an overload with compensation

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If the AUH approves, summarize the terms and understanding in an email to Nick Swayne, ensuring that the AUH and Dean are cc’d. This email should also include the names of the rest of the teaching team.

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Once all of the approvals have been gathered from the various deans and AUHs, Nick Swayne will notify the teaching team, who can then start planning their course.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].