New interns!

JMU X-Labs student interns learn invaluable leadership skills and pass them on to the JMU community through our programming, which increases our capacity and amplifies the impact of the lab’s innovation ecosystem.

The interns are often the first people new students see when they come to the lab or hop on Zoom during our free Pop-Up workshops. Their friendly faces introduce students to our culture of creativity and invite them to join our ecosystem of innovation regardless of which department across campus they’re from. From different majors themselves, the interns bring their diverse perspectives together to strengthen the JMU X-Labs sense of community and provide accessibility to resources.

Currently, our interns are leading a variety of different projects that focus on developing and producing podcasts, Pop-Ups, Pop-Ups 2.0, videos, social media, 4-VA events, and JMU X-Labs events. They bring enormous creative capacity and energy to our team and we couldn’t have the reach and impact that we do without them!

This year we’ve hired 6 fabulous new interns, bringing our amazing team to a total of 10! Give them a warm welcome when you see them in the lab or during our virtual Pop-Ups.

    Our mix of interns gives JMU X-Labs a wealth of creative ideas that drives all of our programming. Their passion and enthusiasm makes JMU X-Labs a welcoming environment for all of our patrons and they are key in keeping our programs relevant and fun for a wide audience.

    Emily Winter Director of Programming

Here’s what the interns have to say about their experience so far…

    What I love most about JMU X-Labs is the people! Everyone on the staff is both ambitious and knowledgeable, and they push me to be better each day.

    Jacob West Freshman in Computer Science

    Working at JMU X-Labs allows me to explore both creativity and innovation in an environment where all ideas are welcomed. Even in such a short amount of time working here it has taught me how to think outside the box and not fear an idea’s potential failure but rather focus on the potential success no matter how small.

    Olivia Klimko Senior in Management

    What surprised me most about working at JMU X-Labs is how welcoming and supportive the environment is. I was a little intimidated when I first applied because I had only ever visited JMU X-Labs once and I had no experience with any of the equipment or classes. However, I quickly realized that as long as you have a willingness to learn, the people at JMU X-Labs are always willing to help you every step of the way.

    Carley Belknap Junior in Computer Science

    Working here at JMU X-Labs means I can channel my creativity into helping more people see the power of design in different areas of life. The privilege of working here also means I get to be a part of something truly extraordinary alongside some wonderful people.

    Caitlin Fernandez Sophomore in Graphic Design

    Last year as a freshman coming into JMU I was so happy that I discovered JMU X-Labs. Being able to visit the lab and take a break from the stress of classes and be creative was a highlight of my freshman year experience, and now working here allows me to be apart of that for others.  To me, JMU X-Labs is a place of endless ideas, where anyone who is passionate about an idea is welcomed.

    Brooke Harmison Sophomore in Intelligence Analysis

    What I love the most about JMU X-Labs is the friendly and welcoming environment. When I was a freshman, I used to come to JMU X-Labs every Friday with my friends to do something fun together and had the chance to try out new technology and be creative. The staff is always helpful and supportive, which makes me feel welcome and encourages me in coming up with new and exciting ideas too!

    Helen Nguyen Junior in Communication Studies

Posted September 21, 2020

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