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About JMU X-Labs

Innovation Happens Intentionally

JMU X-Labs is a model of education specifically designed to teach innovation with intention. Its transdisciplinary programming challenges students to take ownership of their education, pivot creatively, and confidently tackle problems that resist easy solutions.

The “X” in JMU X-Labs represents the variable of discipline—any and every major is welcome and almost all 58 majors across campus have been represented by student participants in our programming.

Our mission

Through collaboration, learners build confidence and seize opportunities to innovate.

Our process

To challenge students to collaborate with industry professionals and peers from different majors, iterate ideas, and welcome meaningful failure to solve real problems

Our vision

To lead a global movement that makes passionate problem-solving a way of life

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Scholarly activity

10+ Publications
20+ Conferences
$149,000+ in External Funding

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Governor's technology awards

2 Awards for innovative
use of technology in education

September 2017 – JMU X-Labs program
September 2018 – Autonomous Vehicles class

110+ News features

3 Government reports
20+ Broadcast features
90+ Print features

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Branding guidelines

JMU X-Labs is an organization that represents a concept—a model of education.

  • Please always use the full name “JMU X-Labs,” not “X-Labs” or “X-Lab.”
  • In sentences, our name is used the same way as the name of the university. So, since you’d say “at JMU”, then you’d also say “at JMU X-Labs
  • JMU X-Labs” is a singular noun and should be written in its entirety without an article preceding it as follows:
    • JMU X-Labs is a recipient of a Governor’s Technology Award for innovative use of technology in education.”
    • “A team of students from the drone class at JMU X-Labs went to Cartagena, Colombia to test their prototype.”
  • When used as an adjective, the name should still include the “s”, e.g., “JMU X-Labs courses…”
  • When referring to the shared academic space at Lakeview Hall, please use “the lab”, not “the X-Lab

Please do not use any of the following:

  • James Madison University’s X-Labs
  • James Madison University X-Labs
  • JMU’s X-Labs
  • the JMU X-Labs
  • the JMU X-Lab
  • in JMU X-Labs
  • in the JMU X-Labs
  • X-Lab, X-Labs
  • the X-Lab, the X-Labs


    This is the future of education.

    Seán McCarthy, Assistant Professor of WRTC JMU X-Labs faculty member

    I wish education was more like this. It’s so much more rewarding.

    Cassandra Hagstoz, Computer Information Systems, Class of 2018 JMU X-Labs student

    This sort of study better prepares students for the real world and gives prospective employers confidence.

    U.S. Special Operations Command JMU X-Labs client partner