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Low-code/No-code Database Applications

In partnership with Deloitte Consulting, we’re offering our popular Low-code/No-code Database Applications training as a 3-credit online class. This course is a one of a kind opportunity to learn about the industry-popular platform, Salesforce. In addition to obtaining foundational knowledge of the robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and it’s many capabilities, students will also receive hands-on learning time with the application to build their technical skill sets. Like all JMU X-Labs elective classes, you’ll immerse yourself in the technology as you work to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Our instructional team is confident that this combination of teaching styles will support greater understanding (and enjoyment!) of the course as students work to gain insightful knowledge into the world of CRM and Salesforce. The goal is that students will walk away from the class with enough understanding to operate as a successful System Administrator (and ideally sit for the certification exam).

Students should come prepared to develop and configure in their own Salesforce sandbox and apply creative solutions to real-world challenges. The course is technical in nature, meaning students will need to understand and have practical knowledge of object-oriented design principles and be somewhat adept at interacting with and understanding software. Students will not be expected to code, and instead will be focused on increasing the out-of-the-box skill of configuration and customization. This course will not focus on simply learning, but also doing, so students can apply their new Salesforce configuration skills to potential jobs or internships.

Recommended Majors: STEM (Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Statistics, etc.)

Recommended Technical Background: Experience or understanding of databases and ERD models, the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), awareness of Agile Development Methodology, some familiarity with software engineering (ex: introductory level course such as Java, Python, VB, etc.)”

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Low-code/No-code Database Applications

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