Spring 2021 Freshman Orientation

What is the best way to impress new JMU students? Invite them to come to experience JMU X-Labs and learn how to have fun while being creative!

Orientation week started with a few snow days, but the class of 2024 still enjoyed their first experience at JMU X-Labs.

We all know that this school year started in a way that none of us expected. Due to COVID-19, everything turned out to be virtual. Nonetheless, the challenge didn’t stop the staff and interns at JMU X-Labs from thinking of creative ideas to get new students to know about our innovation ecosystem. With new technology, modern equipment, supplies, and help from our team, students created, designed, and brought their ideas to life.

The first Pop-Up was Laser Engraved Coasters, which allowed participants to use our modern laser cutter.

laser cutter

We did laser engraved coasters to welcome all students, new and returning to campus for the new semester! We thought this Pop-Up would be perfect for the first event of the semester as it allowed participants to join through Zoom and design their coasters as they want. Then, they will come into the lab and learn how to use the laser and watch their coasters be engraved right in front of them.

Brooke Harmison JMU X-Labs Intern

JMU students and faculty should come to the lab this year for both Pop-Ups and Open Lab. From using the button and magnet makers to using the vinyl cutter to make t-shirts and stickers, from using the laser cutter to make cutting boards and signs, the 3D printer, and the large format printer, you can do anything you imagine! We also have creative Pop-Ups planned for this semester in many formats: in-person, virtual, and hybrid.

Published February 19, 2021 by Helen Nguyen

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